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HCX YGO S02 004/20 Common - Yu-Gi-Oh! Heroclix Series Two

Experience Level Yellow (Rookie) * Keywords "Bakura", Animal, Earth, Soldier * Point Value 75 * Range 4-1

Nivel de Experiencia Amarela (Novato) * Palavras-chave "Bakura", Animal, Terra, Soldado * Valor em Pontos 75 * Alcance 4-1


Cobraman Sakuzy does possess the standard foot symbol for movement but even after being carried could still use Sidestep as a free action.

On Cobraman Sakuzy top 3 clicks he has a special power called Venomous Spit. First Cobraman Sakuzy is given a ranged combat action that deals no damage and has a range value of 4. Hit characters place a Venom token on their card. At the beginning of your turn, opposing characters with any Venom tokens are each dealt 1 penetrating damage if they haven’t already been dealt damage by this effect this turn. A character with a Venom token may be given a power action to remove all Venom tokens from that character’s card.

On clicks 2 – 4 Cobraman Sakuzy can use Close Combat Expert, allowing Cobraman Sakuzy to be given a power action and then modify attack and/or damage value during that close combat attack. Mid dial Cobraman Sakuzy goes from Sidestep to Change and can also use PoisonCobraman Sakuzy has 6 clicks of life with Toughness on every click.

Cobraman Sakuzy has the “Bakura”, Animal, Earth, and Soldier keywords and can be fielded at a cost of just 75 points.

If played on a themed team either character above would have access to the Addition Team Ability or ATA called Animal if you pay the 4 point cost. This team ability would allow you to roll a d6 at the beginning of their turn. On a result of a 5 or 6 all friendly characters using this team ability ignore Shape Change and Stealth this turn.


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Produto: Miniature Cobraman Sakuzy / Miniatura Homem Cobra Sakuzy

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